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Inspiring Guitars

Inspiring Guitars
Inspiring Guitars
Inspiring Guitars
Inspiring Guitars
Inspiring Guitars
Inspiring Guitars
Inspiring Guitars
Inspiring Guitars
Inspiring Guitars
Inspiring Guitars
Inspiring Guitars
    Inspiring Guitars (Najati's Rhythm Guitar) is a guitar loops library for native instruments kontakt player, the library consists of two patches: 15 and 2 chords patches with different samples and loops that may fit any style and/or genre.
    The 15 chords patch contains 35 classic guitar loops and 20 electric guitar loops with deferent variations while the 2 chords patch contains only 16 classic guitar loops and has 2 chords keyswitches; major and minor only.
    The samples can be played as continuous loops or as slices indicated with blue keyswitches starting from C3 with the ability to tune and select root key for tuning, tuning keyswitches are indicated with yellow color on the keyboard and can be latched using the latch button.
    Chords can be selected by red keyswitches in real time while playing or from the chords menu  where the wave display shows chord/part parameter value for each slice. 

    Loops / slices have 6 adjustable parameters on the wave display:

    1. Part - select a chord for each slice separately noting that selecting a chord from menu or keyswitches will erase individual slice chords.
    2. Tune - adjust tune for each slice separately +12 or -12 semi tones.
    3. Volume - adjust volume for each slice separately.
    4. Attack - adjust attack for each slice separately.
    5. Stretch - adjust stretch for each slice separately noting that time stretch mode has to be on.
    6. Skip - skip certain slices to get interesting rhythms and time signatures.

    All slice parameters have value readout and can be activated to adjust through a specified button. A live preview button is provided allowing real time audition of each parameter, each slice can be played as one shot (from start to end of slice) or as played on keyboard meaning releasing the key will stop playing slice, the one shot option can be enabled by the oneshot button on the interface.

    Loop playing can be enabled through the loop button with the ability to play more than one slice at a time to get new and interesting grooves, this can be done by disabling the mono button which will basically allow you to play more than one slice at a time while disabled, enabling mono mode will allow you to play one slice at a time only.

    A midi drag option is provided allowing you to drag and drop any loop slice arrangement to you favorite DAW where you can edit with your DAW's piano roll. You can edit all slices at once by holding (alt ) on windows, (option) on mac and you can set specific slice parameter to default by holding Ctrl + click on windows and Cmd + click on mac.

    The effects rack of this library contains; modulator, compressor, equalizer, drive, reverb, delay, amp, and cabinet with relative editable parameters for each. Effects rack can be accessed through "FX Rack" tab.

    Only used samples of the selected active loop will be loaded / purged to memory, which will allow you to stack a large number of patches into a single kontakt player without over loading your RAM.


    • 24 bit / 44kHz mono for the 2 chords patch and 24 bit / 44kHz stereo compressed ncw kontakt format.
    • Chords, Tuning, and Slice key switches.
    • Free and time stretch modes
    • Loop / slices play modes
    • Live preview of editing slices parameters
    • mono / poly modes for slices
    • Tuning latch 
    • Midi drag
    • Fully automated controllers.
    • Fast loop browsing by menu or next previous buttons.
    • 6 Slice adjustable parameters with the ability to change chords for each slice.
    • Effects rack
    • Purge used samples only (reduce RAM usage)


    • This is a watermarked library and licensed per user.
    • After downloading library wont work until you receive patch by email.
    • We will send patch to buyers within 24 hours of working days.
    • Kontakt full player 5.5.0 or later is required.
    • Size of library is 657 Mb.


    DR Najati AL Soloh : Guitarist

    DR  Raid Marji: Recording, Sampling

    Fayez Saidawi: Programing


     This Product is distributed by Zero-G

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