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14 Feb Linear Phase EQ
Fayez 0 5360
I am not going to cover the basics of EQ in this article, I assume if you are ready to try your hand at mastering you are already familiar with the use of EQs, recording, mixing and the basic configur..
13 Feb What is quarter tone music?
Fayez 0 1071
Oriental music relies more on melody, rather than harmony (chords) as in the west. The melody is played in unison and octaves by all the instruments in the group. The monophonic nature of oriental mus..
13 Feb How to copyright your music work?
Fayez 0 815
I know how it is feels to have a great song after putting too much effort into it, but you do not want anyone to steal your hard work, you actually want to promote it, you want to pitch it to be place..
10 Feb How to distribute your music work online as an independent artist
Fayez 0 1082
To distribute your music work online professionally as a self-releasing or independent artist, you have to consider these main steps:  Prepare audio files:How to prepare your audio files or..
10 Feb Why is it so important to have an email list?
Fayez 0 768
Why having an email list is so important for music artists?Today as a music artist, you can use a mailing list to increase interactivity with your fans and eventually make more money selling your ..
08 Feb Recording Impulse Responses
Fayez 0 1165
Recording Impulse Responses:With the never-ending development of computer processing, convolution plugins have turned out to be common in recording impulse responses. Some of popular ones are:..
06 Aug Zero G’s Eastern Percussion Module in depth
Fayez 0 2703
Zero G’s Eastern Percussion Module in depth The Idea:In 2010 when Blind Guardian licensed some of my middle eastern percussion samples to use in their track “Wheel of Time”, I was dete..
06 Aug Acoustic Terminologies
Fayez 0 2370
Acoustic Terminologies:Acoustic Foam — A specific type of open-celled expanded polyurethane foam that allows sound waves to enter and flow through the foam, absorbing their energy and preventing..
06 Aug Signal processing terminologies
Fayez 0 2584
Signal processing terminologies:Attack: The attack of a sound is the initial portion of the sound. Percussive sounds (drums, piano, guitar plucks) are said to have a fast attack. This means that..
06 Aug Operating systems terminologies
Fayez 0 735
Operating systems terminologies:ActiveX: A Microsoft technology that enables different programs to share information. ActiveX extends Microsoft Windows-based architecture to include Internet and c..
06 Aug Midi Terminologies
Fayez 0 768
Midi Terminologies:Active Sensing — A system used to verify that a MIDI connection is working. It involves the sending device sending frequent short messages to the receiving device to reassure it t..
06 Aug Audio Hardware Terminologies
Fayez 0 971
Hardware Terminologies:A-Type Plug — A domestic and semi-pro form of jack plug, also known as TS or TRS and widely used for electric instruments, headphones and line-level connections on semi-pro eq..
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