Room Modes Calculator:

amroc: (My favorite) awesome calculator calculates room modes for both cm and feet measurements for room dimensions, allowing you to specify the mode you want to show in a linear or logarithmic average scale. It also has an option to limit upper, lower, and pitch frequency.


It allows you to calculate modes per third (Bonello criteria) and listen to the problematic frequency (mode) according to the dimensions you entered with a meter showing tune of the selected mode. It also displays room in 3D allowing seeing the pressure zones of the room. It shows bolt area graph that indicates an accumulation of good room ratios. (If the red cross lies within this area you have a good chance of more evenly distributed modes).


It has additional data section that covers RT 60, surface area, and volume.



Lastly, it lists the three modes + frequencies.


An example video on using it










Fayez Saidawi