Why having an email list is so important for music artists?

Today as a music artist, you can use a mailing list to increase interactivity with your fans and eventually make more money selling your songs. You want to sell your songs online and that is why you are going to need a mailing list. Therefore, if you thought you did not have to build a mailing list as a music artist, then you are wrong, because if you do not set up an email list for your fans then you are literally letting long-term fans and money slide through that door. Having an email is one of the biggest assets you can build as a music artist. So what is a mailing list?

A mailing list is a list of people contacts details that you will collect to build relationships with them in the future. You will collect their emails addresses to contact them regarding your music, your releases, and your shows. Once they get on your email list, you can send your subscribers more information regarding exclusive offers, music, and projects. You have to give away some free stuff every now and then because subscribers love free stuff. Having an email list is just effective, as those lists allow you to reach out to fans in a place that they will always check on regular basis.

We are living in a digital era, where people use emails to check any and everything that interests them. They use it to get notifications, buy stuff, register on websites, etc. This is why email marketing for music artists is so important and so powerful, now in order to contact these subscribers, we need to have them on our mailing list, so what tools do we need to build an effective email list?

Our aim here is to build a huge list of subscribers – fan base list, so we are going to need specific tools to grow that list and build relations on autopilot, to build a list successfully we will need to have a few things:

  1. An opt-in form: an opt-in form is used to capture people's emails, you can put the form on your website or if you do not have a website, you can build an opt-in form with Aweber and they will host a form for you. If you do have a website, you can use MailChimp depending on how you operate. They both are paid services, yet MailChimp free plan includes 2,000 subscribers and up to 12,000 emails a month. You can still do it without the use of any of the mentioned services, but you have to take care of the server-side configuration and programing that might be a pain in the head in case of huge number of subscribers and emails.
  2. Design Template: Emails you are sending will be representing you, your brand, and your official releases. So make sure you have that done the right way that fits your design and website. This will help attracting subscribers and keep them in your list. 
  3. Email all subscribers at once: your email is something you want to keep going every day every month every year, the more people you can add to your email list; the more people you can turn into long-term fans. However, sending them loads of emails with services like Gmail is not worth the headache, and you will have fewer options, that is why you need a tool that will automate the whole process, just create the email and blast it to all your subscribers with a touch of a button. An opt-in form is a very strong tool because not only it allows you to blast emails to your fans, but also it allows you to create premade emails, which is important. Premade emails that will go out on the date and time you specify.

Keep in mind that not all subscribers are true fans, some people just want the free offer or a particular part that you are producing and they might opt-out from your subscriber’s list at any time. However, the bigger number of subscribers you have leads to the more true fans you will get.

Hope this will help in building your list and growing your fan base.