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06 Aug Acoustic Terminologies
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Acoustic Terminologies:Acoustic Foam — A specific type of open-celled expanded polyurethane foam that allows sound waves to enter and flow through the foam, absorbing their energy and preventing..
06 Aug Signal processing terminologies
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Signal processing terminologies:Attack: The attack of a sound is the initial portion of the sound. Percussive sounds (drums, piano, guitar plucks) are said to have a fast attack. This means that..
06 Aug Operating systems terminologies
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Operating systems terminologies:ActiveX: A Microsoft technology that enables different programs to share information. ActiveX extends Microsoft Windows-based architecture to include Internet and c..
06 Aug Midi Terminologies
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Midi Terminologies:Active Sensing — A system used to verify that a MIDI connection is working. It involves the sending device sending frequent short messages to the receiving device to reassure it t..
06 Aug Audio Hardware Terminologies
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Hardware Terminologies:A-Type Plug — A domestic and semi-pro form of jack plug, also known as TS or TRS and widely used for electric instruments, headphones and line-level connections on semi-pro eq..
06 Aug General audio terminologies
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General audio terminologies:Acoustic Signature: The acoustic signature of a system is data containing all of the sound characteristics of a system. This includes such things as reverb time, frequenc..
06 Aug Audio editing terminologies
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Audio editing terminologies:Backup — A safety copy of software or other digital data. A popular saying is that unless data exists in three physically separate locations at the same time, it hasn’t..
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