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13 Feb How to copyright your music work?
Fayez 0 926
I know how it is feels to have a great song after putting too much effort into it, but you do not want anyone to steal your hard work, you actually want to promote it, you want to pitch it to be place..
10 Feb How to distribute your music work online as an independent artist
Fayez 0 1225
To distribute your music work online professionally as a self-releasing or independent artist, you have to consider these main steps:  Prepare audio files:How to prepare your audio files or..
10 Feb Why is it so important to have an email list?
Fayez 0 852
Why having an email list is so important for music artists?Today as a music artist, you can use a mailing list to increase interactivity with your fans and eventually make more money selling your ..
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