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Account & Website FAQ

Most of our Libraries are specially compiled after the purchase for every customer individually, You will be able to download a part of the library instantly but the patch that runs the library will be received separately in an email per order, so it will be recompiled and watermarked per customer. If you didn't receive and email with the patch attached please check your spam folder otherwise please contact us.

The patches are sent within 24 hours excluding holidays. 

The purchased Sample Libraries cannot be refunded as they are software products available as a download, so they cannot be returned. Please, be sure to listen carefully to our demos and ask any questions before purchasing.

When you place an order, you should receive an email with download links and installation instructions. This email will also include an order number. You should always hang on to these emails for future reference - then you can search your email archives for a product name or just "Findasound" when you need to find an order number.

Those products are distributed by ZERO-G, they are discontinued on our website with no download, support, and/or updates.You can view more info regarding each on ZERO-G website:

Clara's Vocals - Ethera 

Najati's Guitar - Inspiring Guitars 

Fayez Saidawi Percussion - EPM

Click THIS  link to reset your Password.The email to reset your password can take up to 20 min to receive.
If you require multiple copies of a license for use by an assistant, contact for bulk sales.Make sure you sign up for our newsletter and find us on social media for the deal of the week and current promotions.

Once you have logged into your account, click view your order history, it will bring you to your account order history and will have an overview of your previous orders.

Once you place an order the only file you will see in your downloads is the Findasound activator that will download and activate libraries purchased.
Simply log in Activator after you download it using your account credentials on Fndasound website.

Product FAQ

​Compressed .rar files can be extracted using WinRar (Windows) or UnRarX (Mac OSX).

Yes, you can, but only with demo limitations. Each Library will be fully functional for a limited time defined by Native Instruments. To use our products without limitations you must own the full version of Kontakt 5.

Please READ 

In order for RAR files to extract properly without errors, make sure that the file downloaded have the same file size as on the product description and details page, If not then the download was incomplete. , which causes the [Wrong checksum] error or the [Unexpected end of archive] error. To fix this, you simply need to re-download When re-downloading, some browsers actually save the download information; so upon re-downloading the file, the browser would terminate the download once the size matches that of the previous download attempt (which would be the incomplete download size). To prevent this from happening, please try using either a completely different browser (e.g. from Chrome to Firefox), or the incognito mode of your current browser, or simply re-download after cleaning out your internet history. If all of your files are completely downloaded and have the same files size and you are still getting errors, please contact us .

any update we send out is free to all who have purchased that specific library and updates are always included in any new purchases.

If for some reason you get the missing samples error in Kontakt, hit the browse for folder button in kontakt and specify the location where the sample folder is, kontakt will search and locate the missing samples automatically then save your patch replacing old one. If you do so and still have some missing samples, the download might be incomplete. If you are sure download is complete and you still have samples error please contact us .

Non of our libraries until now can be added to library tab as they are not encrypted by NI. Non-encrypted libraries, as they were not sent to NI for encryption, do not have serial numbers; they are watermarked in a different way. They also cannot be added on the Libraries tab of Kontakt; you will receive the [No Library Found] error when attempting to add these libraries. To load the patches, you need to go to the Files tab and browse for the patches, or you can simply drag the nki files directly on to the Kontakt interface. An easy method of quickly finding the patches you often use is by using the Quick-Load function. The non-encrypted libraries also will only load as a Demo version when loaded on the free Kontakt player, while on the full version of Kontakt, these libraries will load without any restrictions.

Most of our libraries are easy to use and self explained, the help is provided with the script just point the mouse to a knob for example and the script will tell you what it does at the bottom of kontakt. You need to enable show info within kontakt for help to work.

Since our libraries are not licensed by Native instruments, non require a serial number. If Library is showing in demo mode you will need full kontakt player to run.

Please use the normal Kontakt Browser (upper left) and find the .nki files through it, then navigate to documents - Findasound folder (WIN). All Findasound  purchased Libraries are located in that folder. You can alternatively navigate to your documents folder then find the Findasound folder and open the instrument folder then just drag the nki file of the required instrument inside Kontakt player.

Our Libraries can not be saved using Kontakt save as menu, it is a part of our copy protection.

No, you will need to be online for the first download, then you can run the library offline.

Yes, you will need to purchase a license for each computer.

Not at the moment maybe in future, please make sure you read product description and watch demos and walk through videos  before you buy.

All of our libraries require the Full Version of Kontakt 6 or higher to run, and do not require to be activated within Native Access to run.
You can read more about kontakt and buy it HERE.

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