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Oriental Soloist

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Oriental Soloist is a set of 30 sounds designed for oriental solo style playing designed and sampled by Dr Raid Marji, one of the pioneers in sampling and sound design in the middle east area.

The set is designed carefully to suit all needs for solo playing whether it is  Balkan, Turkish, Greek, and / or Arabic.

Instruments included in this set are: 6 Leads ,3 Clarinets, 1 Low whistle ,1 Kawala ,1 Duduk, 1 Violin, 2 Voilas,1  Fiddle, 2 Strings section , 2 Sax, 1 Trumpet, 1 Trombone, 1 Flute, 1 Zurna, 1 Qanoun, 1 Oud , 1 Bouzouki, 1 Electric Guitar, and 2 Accordions.

The set is designed to serve keyboard players for live performance and in - studio production, the player can use a touch screen to instantly choose and select sounds while performing live.

With easy to use interface the player is able to manipulate and choose / assign functions, a vibrato speed control added with pitch bend amount that is necessary for keyboard soloist.

Smart legato script that detects fast / slow portamento playing automatically through velocity and touch with glissando up to 3 octaves. Disabling Legato button will open a volume envelope control (AHDSR) that is very useful when playing plucked strings instruments such as; oud, qanoun, bouzouki, and guitar.

Poly playing is possible with legato function on or off. The same effects script is included with delay and reverb plus an equalizer added to enhance sounds and performance.

Extra articulations added to some instruments such as oud, bouzouki, guitar, duduk, zurna, and qanoun through velocity switch and layers.


  • Quarter tone scale tuning with tune amount.
  • Pitch bend amount control
  • Vibrato speed control
  • Delay + Reverb with real spaces IR + EQ added.
  • 30 instruments
  • Auto articulations.
  • Key range “C2 - C7.
  • Fully automated interface .
  • Sample rate and bit depth differs per instrument.
  • 1731 samples , 1.02 Gb total size.


  • This library requires full kontakt player V 5.5.2 or later to work, otherwise it wont run or you will get library in demo mode.
  • This library can not be added to kontakt using the add library tab, just use file browser or quick load to load it.

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