Beat Master Drumloop Machine
Beat Master is a fantastic loop/slice-based instrument consisting of fourteen patches and 4000 drum ..
EPM - Fayez Saidawi Percussion
This fantastic Kontakt instrument was created to help musicians and composers to achieve realis..
Oriental Soloist 2
Oriental Soloist 2 is a set of 335 sounds designed for oriental solo style playing sampled by Dr Rai..
Clara's Vocal- ETHERA
Clara’s vocal library is created to fit the needs of the modern composer and sound designer, the fir..
Najati's Rhythm Guitar
Najati's Rhythm Guitar is a guitar loops library for native instruments kontakt player, the lib..
Petra Strings
Petra Strings Consists of two nki patches for Native instruments Kontakt, one is playable and the ot..
Oriental Soloist
Oriental Soloist is a set of 30 sounds designed for oriental solo style playing designed and sampled..
Fayez Saidawi Egyptian Ney
Egyptian Ney is a set of 3 neys: A,B, and C . Where ney A is more like a synth ney or a lead ney wit..
Turkish Zurna - Fayez Saidawi
Turkish Zurna is a set of 3 zurnas A, B, and C; instruments can be selected via key switch..
Oriental Grooves 101
Oriental Grooves 101​  a set of hot oriental and Middle Eastern construction kits and samples. ..
Desert Beats
Desert Beats is a set of Arabia style beats used in the and Middle East and Arab gulf area ..
Made in Tunisia
Made in Tunisia  is a set of Tunisian beats and percussion used in north Africa .The ..
Oriental Strings - Fayez Saidawi
Fayez Saidawi Oriental Strings is a professional strings sections library for Native Instrument's Ko..
Reggae Planet
Reggae Planet is a set of 15 hot construction kits in wave format 44khz, 16 bit with variation in te..

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