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Fayez Saidawi Egyptian Ney

Egyptian Ney  is a set of 3 neys: A,B, and C . Where ney A is more like a synth ney or a lead ney with fast attack designed for synth sounds gurus who want the ney to sound like a synth lead sound, and B is darker sound with slower attack that sounds more like a Turkish - Persian ney, and finally C which sounds more like a Kawala with mid attack and more airy sound.

All sound samples are looped and scripted to work with Kontakt version 5.4 to get a realistic performance of the instrument as much as possible.

The concept of the instrument is to have dynamics controlled by the modulation wheel that controls volume and air of the ney itself, but because of the special characteristics of the ney sound and the way it is played we had to add an option as a function that we called "dynamic to pitch" that can be enabled /disabled.

The dynamic to pitch function is basically linking modulation wheel and pitch bender together where pitch can go up/down along with dynamics and this will create the realistic vibrato that the ney player produces while playing the instrument. The amount of the pitch change whether up or down can be controlled with a knob designed for that purpose called "Pitch amount".  Please see product images/screen shots

Wind/air and release samples volume can be controlled by two knobs and can be assigned to any controller by midi learn option.

Even though the ney does not or its not common to have a growl effect like the saxophone for instance, we did add that as an option along with the tongue flutter effect.

The volume control of growl and flutter effect is assigned to midi CC 23 and 21 but you can still use the midi learn option to assign them to whatever you want.

The two meters on the interface named "Dynamics" and "pitch" show the change in pitch and/or dynamics in real time while playing, they can be used also to control both on screen with mouse or assign different controllers to them by right clicking and using the midi learn option.

Keep in mind that this does not apply to dynamic to pitch function meaning you can control pitch and/or dynamics with other than bender and modulation wheel but you cant link them like dynamic to pitch function.

The quarter tone option allows you to use middle eastern and Arabic scales by quarter toning notes with one click plus adjusting the tuning amount +/- 50 cents.

The effects tab includes Reverb with real IR spaces and a delay.

The instrument smart articulation script will detect the articulations automatically by velocity and speed of playing and moving between keys, even though the ney is a monophonic instrument poly playing is allowed and it is detected automatically. Articulations included are slow and fast portamento, legato, staccato, and poly.


  • Quarter tone Scale tuning with tune amount.
  • 4 attack groups for each instrument.
  • Dynamic to pitch.
  • Wind + Release samples volume control.
  • Growl + Flutter effects control.
  • Delay + Reverb with real spaces IR.
  • 3 Instruments sampled A, B, and C.
  • Auto articulations.
  • Key range “G1 - E4.
  • Realistic Ney sound.
  • Fully automated interface .
  • 24 bit / 44kHz compressed ncw kontakt format.
  • Extra lite instrument 18 mb samples loaded 


All costumers who bought this product can download the new updated version that replaced the old one in their accounts. updates and fixes are:

  • Fixed dynamic to pitch function tuning change problem when using modwheel and pitch bender at the same time.
  • Fixed poratamento time for slow protamento.
  • Fixed pitch down option can be enabled by a button instead of knob.
  • Fixed pitch change starts at value 64 of modwheel or when dynamics reach the middle value if dynamic to pitch is enabled.
  • Fixed pitch change amount is fixed value 25,50,100 cent that can be controlled with knob.
  • Added Ney D.
  • Added  instrument key range "G1 - C5".
  • Added portamento range is full instrument range "G1 - C5".

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