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Turkish Zurna - Fayez Saidawi

Turkish Zurna is a set of 3 zurnas A, B, and C; instruments can be selected via key switches starting from C1 on the keyboard indicated in yellow color. 

The instrument smart articulation script will detect the articulations automatically by velocity and speed of playing and moving between keys, even though the Zurna is a monophonic instrument poly playing is allowed and it is detected automatically. Articulations included are slow and fast portamento, legato, staccato, and poly.

Each instrument has a different velocity switch articulations as follows:

  • Zurna A velocity 1 - 63 plays normal sustains and velocity 64 - 127 plays natural vibrato.
  • Zurna B velocity 1 - 105 (3 layers) plays normal sustains and velocity 106- 127 plays grace or ornament.
  • Zurna C velocity 1 - 104 plays normal sustains and velocity 105- 127 plays Trill.

​The dynamic to pitch option enables the user to link dynamics to pitch, so if that option is enabled an increase in dynamics will result in a change in pitch, this change can be specified by a three clicks knob with three options; 25, 50, and 100.

Those numbers are the desired change in cents, this option is set to 50 while the dynamic to pitch function is off by default. The change in pitch is always up unless the user enables the pitch down switch. Wind noise and release samples volume (3 layers) can be controlled, growl and flutter effects as well. The volume control of growl and flutter effect is assigned to midi CC 23 and 21 but user can still use the midi learn option to assign them to whatever he/she want.

The two meters on the interface named "Dynamics" and "pitch" show the change in pitch and/or dynamics in real time while playing, they can be used also to control both on screen with mouse or assign different controllers to them by right clicking and using the midi learn option.

Keep in mind that this does not apply to dynamic to pitch function meaning user can control pitch and/or dynamics with other than bender and modulation wheel but can’t link them like dynamic to pitch function.

The change in pitch when using dynamic to pitch function occurs at value 64 of modulation wheel or in other words when the modulation wheel reaches the middle. The quarter tone option allows you to use Middle Eastern and Arabic scales by quarter toning notes with one click plus adjusting the tuning amount +/- 50 cents.

The effects tab includes Reverb with real IR spaces and a delay. All knobs and buttons on the interface are fully automated and can be assigned to any midi controller via midi learn. 


When loading the instrument the first time touch your modulation wheel once to keep it in middle and get the right dynamics, do the same when recording.


  • Quarter tone Scale tuning with tune amount.
  • 4 attack groups for each instrument.
  • Dynamic to pitch.
  • Wind + Release samples volume control.
  • Growl + Flutter effects control.
  • Delay + Reverb with real spaces IR.
  • 3 Instruments sampled A, B, and C.
  • Auto articulations.
  • Key range “C3- C5.
  • Realistic Zurna sound.
  • Fully automated interface.
  • 24 bit/ 48kHz compressed ncw kontakt format.
  • Extra lite instrument 18 mb samples loaded 
  • Extra velocity switch articulations 

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